SUSAN MILLARD SCHWARZ, lyric mezzo soprano

About Anahata Music Project



We chose to borrow the term "Anahata," which refers to the heart chakra in Hindu culture, as a means of identifying ourselves and our work.  The heart chakra, or Anahata, is said to be the body's resonating center for love, compassion, and charity to others.  Our core performing group is comprised of Ed Bak, pianist; Dr. Kimberlee Goodman, flutist; and Susan Millard-Schwarz, vocalist.  Depending on the program, additional guest artists are included.  Currently, we are presenting Holocaust Remembrance (Yom HaShoah) concerts, which include moving poetry penned by Holocaust survivors, and recited by dramatic reader, Sandra Feen.

Our concerts are born out of our collective passion for issues that touch the heart and waken the soul.  It is our hope that our audiences will come away from our programs with renewed awareness, commitment to compassion, and determination to extend healing to their corner of the world. 

For booking and more information, contact Susan Millard-Schwarz at 614.499.4132 or 

"This is the best concert I've seen in 35 years!"-- March 2012 Holocaust Remembrance program audience member